Empire Cake Bakery

I happened to be passing by when I saw an amazing layered cake in its window. This fabulous, rotating cake was decorated with many iconic symbols and artworks for Pride Day 2014:

20140626_193826 (2)

As someone whose favorite dessert is an exotic fruit, my perfect level of sweetness is relatively low to medium. The snowball offered at Empire Cake Bakery had a very nice texture without being overly sweet. The cake filling and marshmallow complemented each other well.

Perhaps head here for a wedding cake, though I’m not too sure. There seemed to be a lot of promotion for catered cakes in-store. Planning weddings normally require tons of sampling anyway!

20140626_194238 cropped

Empire Cake Bakery: 112 8th Ave, New York, NY 10011

+ (212) 242-5858