Flex Mussels East Village

Seafood joints are always a fun place for friends and cocktails. Flex Mussels, a place that specializes in Prince Edward Island (Canada) mussels, is definitely a fun time for friends to sit down and share some well-cooked mussels in delicious and interesting broths. Generally, the place should offer more butter for the nicely seasoned bread basket, but diners can use their broth eventually. Definitely try the truffle fries and charred octopus with potatoes (which I cannot find on the online menu for some reason). The prices were good, and you always end up more full than you think. If you don’t get any drinks, the prices are perfect for one order of mussels to be shared between two people and another dish on the side. Pick your broth based on personal preferences!

Flex Mussels East Village: 154 W 13th St, New York 10011

+ (212) 229-0222