Legend is my new go-to Sichuan fix in New York City. It deserves this fair warning: the dishes are very spicy. For people like me, that is a plus. The appetizers here are on the smaller side, but their prices are competitively suited for the size. On the other hand, the entrees come in rather large portions. Therefore, for a table of two, an appetizer and entrée with rice OR two entrees should do the trick, give or take an appetizer or two. The flavors here are pretty authentic and provide no mercy with the amount of peppers and cilantro in the dishes. Strangely, some of the dishes mix in cheaper ingredients such as Spam Deli Meat. The vegetables are also very fresh. My go-to dishes like mala tendon come in fantastic huge slices, and dan dan noodles was a good flavor balanced between the ground pork, chili oil, spices, and peanuts. If the chili oil is too much for you or becomes too homogeneous across your spicy Chinese food experiences, Sichuan cuisine also offers number of dry-sauteed or dry-cooked dishes and stir-fried vegetables. Legend specifically offers a nice selection of tofu or duck dishes as well.

The restaurant venue is a pretty fantastic space with room for many tables, a nice bar with decent happy hours in the front, and a clean restroom (sigh of relief). The service is also pretty thorough and quick.

Overall, the restaurant is very affordable and deeply satisfying.

legend 1

Legend: 88 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (between 15th St & 16th St)

+ (212) 929-1778