New Malaysia Chinatown

The curry at New Malaysia Chinatown uses too little curry powder for my taste but is flavored nicely with more coconut milk. For many non-spicy eaters, this is an advantage. The prices are decent here in Chinatown. Be sure to try some Roti Canai, a type of Indian-influenced flatbread found in Malaysia and Indonesia. This Roti Canai is a single thick slice with a thick curry sauce, and worth a try. I do not normally like ordering satay meats because I find these orders not worth it. I like to make my own or get street cart version because at a restaurant, I expect a little more work and something easier to eat. Some of the unique and delicious dishes I have eaten here include the Fried Belacan Lady’s Fingers (actually just stir fried okra with shrimps) and Braised Fish Head Casserole. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned curry with rice or–sometimes a better lunch alternative for noodle lovers like myself–curry noodle soup.

New Malaysia: 48 Bowery, New York, NY 10013

+ (212) 964-0284